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Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Distributors


AS9120B is the aerospace industry-specific standard for distributors. This includes companies that resell, warehouse and distribute parts for aircraft manufacturers.

What it means for your business

Obtaining AS9120B certification can create opportunities to do business with industry giants such as Boeing, NASA, Raytheon and SpaceX. Organizations looking to certify to AS9120B typically accumulate and distribute parts and materials rather than adding value or working on the products.

Benefits of certification

Companies that implement AS9120 requirements and achieve certification commonly find benefits such as:

  • Emphasizes robust quality management systems, helping your organization enhance product and service quality, reducing defects and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Aligns with industry regulations and standards, ensuring that your business complies with aerospace industry requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues and potential legal consequences.
  • Heightened productivity and operational effectiveness.
  • By reducing errors, improving operational efficiency, and preventing costly rework, can lead to significant cost savings over time.
  • Potentially opens doors to new business opportunities and partnerships within the aerospace industry.

With the AS9120 standard, you will not only gain quality and efficiency benefits, you will be better aligned to exceed customer expectations. AS9120 can provide the competitive edge you need.

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